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hi..know im really crazy over you..aisshh....course! everyone of us likes ur groupmates.know i have posters of ur group and a hundred pictures of you in my laptop..always dreamt of going to korea..hugging and hang outing with you..maybe someday when the right time comes i could meet you personally..i like you oppa.the one fighting...'re so damned handsome & hot ^__^ your so cool in your own way !!

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I wish to see you someday keep on being with Infinite . You can kill me with your smille, maybe that's what they called Killer Smile. because hes unique in different way (mr cold prince) my sister and i watch shut up flower boy band and its awesome movie for me.

Hyunsoo was good, Secretary Gil made me cringed a bit. I never see you in real life and I wanted to go to Korea one day to meet you and say: dangsin - eun maeu dajeonghago gwiyeoun geos which means you're very sweet and cute. im really hoping that you could be the main lead in a drama series -- really huhuhu along with your infinite chinggu/hyungs&dongsaengs!! hahahaha saranghae ^^ revida,revidaputri,revida putri,socialbookmark,xserver,polda jatim,polda jawa timur,khoirul amin Wonderful internet site. Now i'm giving the item a number of close friends ans in addition sharing around tasty. johahae, myungsoo-ya i really an idol of infinite soo im totally inspirit i love the most is myungsoo oppa!!!

ME:you MARIELLE:sunggyu SHENNA:hoya JULIET:sungyeol CHRISTY:dongwoo QUEEN:woohyun JEROME:sungjung you know oppa im always watching MAMA happy after watching that you've won in MAMA 2014 congratulations!! Anyway, glad to see that your acting has improved so much. I really want to learn Korean to communicate with u,still i didn't get a chance to learn Korean,so i'll convey my feeling like this...我更爱你。I know it's impossible for me to meet you,because i'm just an one fan of ur fan world. I really want Siwoo (L) to end up with Sena (Krystal). I really like his stagename: L x'D It makes him so much more special ^_^ HI L my name is Andrea and I really like your solo on I was once by your side in Korean and I think you're very sweet and passionate when it comes to music. thanks for born in this world and being perfect, thanks for make many people's day colourful, thanks for giving me happiness, and thanks for being kim myungsoo. And don't listen to crazy stalker fans, because you should be able to date whoever you want!

you know..of my friends have their own idol in infinite... This is the first time I'm head over heels for an idol. Totally smitten by your blond hair in My Lovely Girl altho I've watched you couple of times before. And I noticed that you improved your singing and dancing as well! Hi L, I'm really happy if u'll read this in future. I completely live within your world, my last hope is to meet u even once. Love u 4ever even i can't meet's so sad.....u r always there in my mind.... I started to like him in My Lovely Girl/She's so lovable started to like the whole INFINITE boy band group ^^ L is .they say.bias! ~ I wish you happiness and love throughout your whole career! more power on your career ....i will support you no matter what happens.i hope i can see you perform live ..saranghaeyo oppa !! from~Philippines uhh the 1st time i saw Lkim photo picture in WATTY ..

:) I love you myungsoo.i like so much and you are so oppa myungsoo is the most popular and handsome boy in my you are very beautifully like a most beautifully in the flowers... I'm your biggest fan and i love your singing and acting both.

Coz i already so excited to think that L will be playing as a lead role of 1 movie and 2 drama this year. I HOPE someday L and Krystal will have a drama.u know!!! It's very inspirable but the thing is I want him to be the leading man of krystal :( but its okay, their drama is very nice , i really love it. I'm not that kind of girl who hangs poster in the walls, and I don't do those giving presents and treats because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you have the guts to manipulate every girl you see. Uh hello again hehe sorry about that other part I wrote in October last year hehe its was a bit foolish of me to say such thing . I have never been to your concert so i really want to see you in real here in canada. I love you myungsoo.i like so much and you are so oppa myungsoo is the most popular and handsome boy in my you are very beautifully like a most beautifully in the flowers..... You are very charming too, whenever i watch your music videos i can see the way your expression is lot different than others when you dance and i love that expression.

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